Hi everyone!

My name is Paul

I have an OO project that I need to complete by the 15th of August and I have attempted to start it but i'm now stuck. If anybody can help me in anyway possible I would greatly appreciate it. Please find the specification below. I have attempted to identify the main objects, but i'm not sure if i'm on the right track or not!!

I have been asked to develop a patient record system for a doctors surgery using an object oriented approach, and implemented in the object-oriented language Java. The system should record the following:

* The name and address of each patient,
* Their first choice doctor,
* A list of each visit to the surgery (with date) and type of ailment
* A list of each outcall
* Any drugs prescribed

For each doctor the system should record:

* Name and address
* Surgery hours
* On call hours (for outcalls)
* List of outcalls made (and to whom)

The surgery administrator should be able to list currently available doctors, patients waiting for attention. Drugs prescribed per doctor (or per patient) and patient visits (including prescriptions and ailments.

He/she should also be able to add/remove doctors/patients. Alter surgery/oncall hours, add latest visits.

(i) The first step is to identify the main objects and classes within the written program specification. I have come up with the following list of possible objects:

1 SUR - Surgery (the whole system?)
2 PAT - Patient (used)
3 DOC - Doctor (used)
4 VIS - Visit (within database)
5 DAT - Date (within database and used to book appointment)
6 AIL - Ailment (within database)
7 OUT - Outcall (external, but needed)
8 DRU - Drugs (listed within database)

There is definitely a class for surgery as this is where the appointments are issued, and also a database to store all the appointment times.

Have you written any code yourself?

We don't do people's homework for them. If you want our help, you need to show some effort, show us what you've written, and somebody here might be able to provide some assistance then.

The best thing to do is start typing .... I think you've got all the idea ... all the classes can be extracted from what you have specified .... and if you are having any trouble in implementing some specific component ... feel free to ask ... someone here will surely help you.

One good way to approach your OO problems is to have a simple class diagram and walk through the class diagram to ensure that you could cover the problem statement using all the classes in the class digram. Also note that the problem statement can be used as the initial source to come up with the class diagram using the "nouns" in it.

John Dirk
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And BTW, Java variable names can be longer than 3 letters :)