When you put a PictureBox into your form, you have the option of loading a Picture at compile-time. That picture will still be there when you make your project a .exe and put it on another c0mputer

Is there any way I can incorporate a Picture into my executable without the use of a Form?

I'm currently making a class that I will want to use for several applications besides the one I'm working on right now. Can I incorporate a picture into a class? That would be better

(VB6 only) You can store pictures and icons as resources within the exe.

In the IDE, an AddIn (Resource Editor) AddIn lets you create a resource file in which you can store images.

At compile-time the resource file is embedded in the exe.

At runtime, the LoadResPicture function is just like LoadPicture, but gets pictures from the exe's resource, rather than the file system.

In the VB6 IDE, go to "Help->Index" and look at these:

  • Resource editor
  • LoadResPicture

Note that the IDE might not load the Resource Editor automatically. Just go to "Addins -> Addin Manager" to get it loaded, and there you can opt for it to always be loaded when starting the IDE.

Another method of storing images is in an ImageList control. Again, see the MSDN Help entry.