I am running win XP pro on an AMD athlon 2000+ with 512Mb of RAM and I am getting a popup on startup saying that "windows cannot find C:\windows\config\csrss.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again." I don't know why I am getting this.

I have run antivirus, antispy, cleaned registy, MSConfig (only antivirus enabled on startup). But I still get this message every startup. It also seems that my computer is taking much longer to start up and is also running much slower when it is started. I have configured my paging files, defragged, and cleaned useless stuff off my drive and still nothing.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

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A word of warning. Do not use registry cleaners. They can bork your system.


Download HijackThis Executable from here. Save it to your desktop.
Start HJT & press the "Do a system scan and save a log file" button. When the scan is finished a window will pop up giving you the option of where to save it. Save it to desktop where it is easy to access. Open the log file and then go to the format Tab and make sure that wordwrap is unchecked. Copy the entire contents of the file & paste it into the body of your post. DO NOT FIX ANYTHING YET. Most of what is there is necessary for the running of your system.

try going to c:\ directory..
then type: dir /ah /w /p

check whether you will have these uncessary files..
files.cmd, files.com, autorun.inf [ i just use the word files..but the filename is not really files... you will know it once you have those files i'm talking about... ]

if you have these files...then you need to get rid of those things...

I am sure if you put csrss.exe in a internet search engine you will be able to download it and place it where it needs to be on your system....in the \windows\config folder. By the way, the complete name is actually Client Server Runtime Subsystem.

Also...be sure to check the name....crss is a real worm out there...forget which worm so don't download the worm and be sure that the message you are getting does say csrss and not crss.

csrss.exe in the wrong directory is also bad. Hijackthis should reveal that and we can go from there.

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