undefinedhow to make a program than can run the "*" 1.from left to right 2.right to left 3.up to down 4.down to up? 5.combination of all.... pls... help me... :-|

Quite easy.

The easiest one is from left to right and the principle is the same for the rest.Ok I am going to have some fun and provide you with the tools/code needed to produce the effects.You put them togather.

You will need to include conio.h for gotoxy(int x,int y) which will move the output location to x,y and they start from 1,1 not 0,0.getx() returns the current x loc and gety() .... guess.

The next is stdlib.h for delay(int time_in_milli_secs).

For the left to right animation you first output a char and call the delay.After that increase the x val by 1 (or your choice) and output.Loop these.

If you run into trouble post here,best of luck ;)