Hi all,
Please reply me soon !!! i have made my database in Ms-access and using vb.net for front end.
My system is working fine with database stored in same pc of client(by giving path c:/.....).
But i have to show my project using seperte server pc n client pc.
Please suggest me ,how can i connect my database server pc to client pc(with vb.net)??

One thing i had is to form LAN connection b/w two n share the folder on server containg my database with client pc.Is this the right approach??:?:

I think you share the folder on server containg your database and application program. create shortcut on destop clien to run application on server. that all. sorry i'm sure.. but i can do it befor.

Assuming both PC's will be Windows, you could always just try putting the database on a different computer inside of a shared folder like and using \\IP_address\shared_folder\database as the location instead of the standard C:\... inside of your connection string. A test to see if this will work would be to create the shared folder then go to your Run prompt and type

\\IP Address of host computer\

The shared folder you created should appear in an Explorer window.

yeah should woerkfine that way

on my home lan i made a simple vb.net app, running off a access database, and i just changed the paths to