i need to send AT or ATX commands using c language
i tried to write the data using biosserialcom() fn to write to serial port in win XP.
but it failed .some error camesayin "16bit msdos subsystem error"

my question is whether i will be sucessful if i tried C from win98or the previous error was due to some other reasons?

thanks in advance

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Which compiler are you using on XP?

Because it seems you're using some ancient fossil DOS compiler. The "DOS Compatibility" will only take you so far, so it seems you've run out of luck.


thanks for your kind advice i will try these things.

another can i do the same using VB.net win32 console ??
if so can anyone help in this matter?
basically i don't know vb.help me to code it.
atleast which fn is used for serial communication


If you're going to change language and architecture every time you hit a small road-block, there's no helping you.

Ask your vb questions in the vb forum.


if you're using winXP, you should NOT be using some old crusty DOS compiler

MSVC is given away free by Microsoft.

get it. use it. love it.

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