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He doesn't know about the magical pill that turns a mere mortal into a super developer.

They used to charge you for them magic pills at college, but I here you can get them from Amazon.com these days.

Just having fun with you.... post a set of questions, and we will see if we can help.


What is it that you need help with ? We cannot help if you do not tell us, development is a broad subject...

I need help with developing windows applications with C#


Until now I don't know your requirement, please tell your difficults in detail, or no one can help you !
Maybe you can not believe the strength of a green hand , but one day you can become a strong one


Rule of thumb for submitting new threads.

Re-read your new post before submitting, but pretend that you are reading it for the first time.
Does it make sense to you?

Pretend that you know nothing about you motives or your problem.
Now does it make sense to you?

Pretend that you live in a world where people are mere mortals, and can't, say, go exploring into your mind for meaning on whim.
Does it make sense now?


Then you need to write it over.

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