I am using a client program (VB6) to interact with one or more server ActiveX executibles, also VB6. Everyting works as it sould when the servers are different EXE's. That is, compiled with different Project Names to different File Names. However, I would like to access 2 instances of the same ActiveX.EXE and run them concurrently. I find that only one starts up. The code I am using in the client is like the following:

Dim objActX() As Object

Set objActX(Rec) = CreateObject(ClassName)

Where ClassName = "MyActiveXExeFileName.clsMyActiveXClass"

The ActiveX Class Instancing Property is set to MultiUse.

Any idea why creating objects to separate instances of objActX() does not start up a new and separate instance of the ActiveX.EXE program?

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