I have several listboxes in 1 page and there is a "search" button.Whenever user select any values from the listbox's and click search button the query fires and it is showing the desired results.But I want 2 more button on this page "save Query" and "Load Query".
Requirment is:
After selecting values from listboxes before pressing "search" button user should click "Save Query" button for saving his selected values and then he should press search button.Now when the user log in next time if he clicks "Load Query" Button he can see his selected values that he had selected last time.
Actually my application runs on windows authentication.No login user id password is nesessary.So there is no database fields for that.
I want to store listbox selected item in cookies.
Can any one help me in this regards.

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Response.Cookies["QueryCookie"].Value = listbox.SelectedIndex.ToString();

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