i dont know how to install ijl11.dll
i have a exe version of it and how could i incorporate this dll to my application

I think you want to include ij|11.dll into your vb project.
If so,
Open vb Project
Click Project -> Reference
Click Browse button and Locate the ij|11.dll
Now the dll is included in your project

you want to install?? you mean like selvaganapathy said?

thank u

that its mean solved?

im getting error cannot add reference to the specified file

The error cause and solution from MSDN is

You tried to use the Add References dialog box to add a reference to a type library or object library that can't be used by Visual Basic.
Check the documentation for the object represented by the library to see if it's available in some other form that Visual Basic can use.

Please specify further information about ij|11.dll

i included it but not as u suggested
i got the full code for ijl11.dll
and i included that code as a module
i used ijl11.dll to convert bmp image to a jpg image
a function (SaveJPG) is available for it


If you have full source code of the dll,
then include the class module to your project. and change the saving part...
Instead of calling the Save from the dll, Create an Instance of the class and call the module..
Remove the references of the dll ..
Whatever code is written to call the save part, convert it to the Instance of the class,..


you can't install this
you must copy in system32 or beside of you exe file..

or if you want to use this
u must declare inside function.

for more information find in goolge


You have been around long enough to know that you should not be necroposting. Raising the old dead threads...

1. goto run
2. click cmd
3. go to the folder of the file.
4. type regsvr32 ijl11.dll /n
if vista run your cmd as an Administrator.