Hi there,
I need to copy image packaged with setup file project for a C# application to the hard disk of the end user ( how is installing ), I am using installer class, but the problem is I do not find the path of the image which is supposed to be in the CD for example.

In other word in my installer code I want to copy the files in the installation CD into another place , how can I get the path of those files, when I used Environment.CurrentDirectory , it gives me the C:\WINDOWS\System32, the directory the exe is executed ,

I hope I made my self clear,
any ideas that can help

Thanks in advance

Dear knowledgelover,

Right click on your setup wizard project->View->Custom actions->and you've 4 points you can run any *.exe at.
Say, when installation is Committed we need to copy files to C:\ drive.
So, we'd create the * .exe which copies the files to that drive and let back to the Commit and right click->Add custom action then select our *.exe which copies the files.

Any missunderstanding, please reply!