I have VB programs intended to be used by other than English-speaking people.

When I use MsgBox with vbYesNo, the buttons show "Yes" and "No" (obviously). While everybody understands that (fortunately) it doesn't look very good or if I cared not to have the buttons in the language of the people using the program.

Is there any way of controling VB so that I can pick the language used on the buttons (Yes, No, Cancel) ? (OK is OK, so to speak...)

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I dont know how to change the language of vbYesNo, but
You can design your own MessageBox by changing the Form BorderStyle to FixedDialog.
and u can show this form instead of MsgBox


Thanks. I'll try, but it seemed reasonable to expect that one could change the language not only on vbYesNo but several other passed-through messages.

Note : when I load and use VB on a computer with French Windows (for instance), the Yes/No changes to Oui/Non. So obviously there's got to be something where you can force it. (I don't want to depend on the language of of the OS, since the user could move/use the program on several diferent computers - and systems...).

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