Hey I'm just trying to develp some code for some coursework i've got to do. I am wondering is it easier for me to write the code for what I want to do and then integrate the PyQt GUI after I've written the code, or is it best practice to write the GUI whilst I develop the code?

Thanks! Jay

Write your major algorithms and test them thoroughly.

Now design the GUI and bring in the algorithms. If you are familiar with QT use PyQt, otherwise you better start with the more popular wxPython GUI toolkit. You can get drag and drop frame builder for wxPython called Boa Constructor.

Using wxPython makes distribution of your finshed program easier and has no licensing requirements like QT.

Thanks so much, i'll crack on with the code. Unfortunately I have to use PyQt it's one of the requirements of my coursework! However I'm definately interested in checking out wxPython. I'm not greatly familiar with it at the moment but with practice should be ok.

Again thanks for your help :)