Hi all,

I have a console application, and I want to run it though a GUI. Its a simple GUI. Say there is a button called "Run", when I click the button need to execute the application do the task. Can you guys guide me to do it. I'm really new for C++ GUI developing.


Hi all,

I want to learn how to develop C++ GUI from the basis. So what are the resources(books, tutorials, etc). I use Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003.


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To reply to the "tutorial" suggestion... um, I wouldn't suggest "plain WIN32 API" anymore as a good way to learn/develop GUIs. It's outdated and clunky to use, albeit its a good "low-level" way of understanding GUIs.

Visual C++ 2005 is free and easy to use. It combines the visual ease of development of "visual-basic-style" development with the underlying power and speed of C++. I don't know if that holds true in VC2003.

For the "run a console application" question, if you use the .net framework ; there is a helper object that may prove useful:


You build such an object, initialize it with the application name you want to launch, then you read the output or the error messages.

but... do that kind of trick only when your basic GUI framework is built and you have more experience with objects.

Thanks for all replays. Actually I'm looking for Visual Studio .Net related materials.

i don't know how easy it to do this with Visual Studio and MFC...{from posting in this forum i am guessing that you don't do c++/cli...}

I had a simular problem for a university project and i ended up using qt framework... They have a free version and it is very easy to do what you asked i.e. run a console application through a gui interface...

PS:: qt also has a very supporting community check out this forum and an excellent tutorial...

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