generate a 5-day timetable for a school (multiple classsrooms)
be able to assign students to specific courses to certain rooms/teachers at a specific time interval (without clashing with other classes)
it must use a database as a medium (ODBC)

this is a project that i need some drastic help in it's due on the 23rd of july...

Kindly assist

Any solutions can be sent to this email addy <email snipped>

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Then I will assist you by giving you this advice: You'd better get started because you've got only 17 days to complete this assignment.
What; you thought that we were going to do this for you? Not in this forum.

If you trully need assisance, start coding and we will help you with any problem you might have, after we see some effort from your side. Ask specific questions about specific problems.

Start by creating the classes, that you might need. Think of the logic that will be involved.
When you start designing the database, use seperate classes that you can "call" and handle the database.

When this project was given to you?

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