Dear All,

Which is the best tool to develop an CHM model help program, which will take data from a backend database and display in a manner like history of business discussion among a group of personnels.

there should be some display picture for each personnel and their comment would be come as text, each personnels comment will be separated by some lines.

you could do the same using a picture box, or datagridview, or by a richtext box. but i'm bit confused which one would be the best or any other control is available in Vb.Net ?

your suggestions are appericable


Sir we want to install SQL 2000 in Windows XP but during instalation we recieve message on this operating system this wil not install

tahir Rashhed, you posted your query in wrong place. Anyway, the problem which you are facing because of some files may missed in your operating system. Get microsft service pack 2.0 and install, hope this may solve your problem.


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