I use data control to link access file by data properties not code. use simple code like move next etc. I use find next to find data. but when i want to find i write the criteria like Name = taher. But i want I write only taher in find text box.

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so what is your problem ?

I only write, what i want to find. not critera. but now i write "Fieldname = condition" but i want only condition

You mean you want to find data where Fieldname = condition ?
And condition is user input?

yes only condition is input. now i write like Name (fieldname) = taher (condition) but i only input taher (condition)

Hi, First get the input from the user Say (sName) and use Field Names in your coding not as input.

Example Recordset.Find "Name'=" & sName & "'" Here you only give the condition (sName or txtName.Text that is Input) and Field name is predefined by your coding.

use variable to get text value in it and then apply your code on that variable

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