I am trying to execute the code (append '(a b) '(c d)) in drscheme using lazyscheme and i am getting the following output: (a . #<promise:...cts/lazy/lazy.ss:453:38>). What is the problem? Thanks.

What makes you think there's a problem?

What makes you think there's a problem?

Well...it should append the lists together which is not happening. Also, I tried append on an atom and a list and I am getting error messages.

You're using the Lazy Scheme language
which is not really evaluating the
expression until the value is needed. This
should actually happen when the value is
printed, but that aspect of the lazy language
is currently broken and will be fixed in the
near future. For now, you can manually
force the result by using (!! (append ...)).

It is probably better to ask such questions
on the PLT Scheme mailing list, see
http://plt-scheme.org/maillist/ for details.

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