Hai all,

I want to get to know about the file summary like last saved by, last printed on, authour
How can get it using file info function.
Thanks in advance.

Try System.IO.File Class or System.IO.FileInfo Class for these details

FileInfo Example

Dim FileInfos As FileInfo
    FileInfos = New FileInfo("C:\Windows")
    Dim sFileInfo As String
    sFileInfo = "C:\Windows" & vbCrLf
    sFileInfo = sFileInfo & "Created on " & FileInfos.CreationTime & vbCrLf
    sFileInfo = sFileInfo & "Last Accessed on " & FileInfos.LastAccessTime


Thanks for reply.
I know how to get last accessed time
created time.
but i want to know about last saved by,last printed on, author of the document..
Thank u.

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