how do i deploy visual basic 2003 project and include access database?

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Using Setup And Deployment Project.
New Project -> Setup And Deployment Project.

i already tried setup and deployment but every time i install the project in another computer it cannot read the access database. so ill change my question, how do i include my access database to the project so that if i install the deployed project to another computer it will also include my access database?

on Application Folder on Setup project.
Right Click -> Add -> File (select your database to add)

i am trying the same thing.
although i am trying the final installation on windows vista machine
is it possible to install applications made in vb 2003 on a vista machine?
also how do i create a desktop shortcut of the application?? i know there is an option on the finalizing page of deployment process that allows that.

any help would be much appreciated


After including primary output into Application Folder,Right click on primary out in right side panel and select create shortcut to primary output. If u want to add anything like icon then go to property window and change it.After finished then drag that shortcut and paste it into on User's Desktop(from Left side panel). similar for User program's menu

how to deploy v.b .net 2005 application in to server??
a)i used crystal reports??
b)my sql database

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