Hai all.
In my appliction im having MDI parent form. and i made frm2 as topmost form
But problem is whenever i open some other appliction still that frm2 will come on top.
whenver my application is open or active then only frm2 should be on top.


By setting the property of form
i.e form2.topmost=true

To be truthful with you I have never used TopMost before. I tried this code:

Child1.MdiParent = Me
        Child1.Text = "Top Most"
        Child1.TopMost = True

        Child2.Text = "This should be behind"
        Child2.TopMost = False
        Child2.MdiParent = Me

and topmost doesn't work. Click on Child2 and it comes to the front. Other programs come up over the forms. Now if I set the MDI form to topmost=true then the form does stay on top of all other programs. So I am at a loss as why a child form would show up over all other programs.