Hi every body
I have project is like book electronic . any words in this book I can translate it into more than one language .
The idea behind this project is imagine page of any a book . assume this book wrote by English language , the page's consist of paragraphs ,and the paragraphs consist of words.
I need make the difficult word a hyperlink which the user can click on to choose a language. when users click on this word result on appear menus contain languages chooses . the user can translate word by click on it into language that choesed .

Which programming languages or (tools) I can do that ?
Am I can do it by c sharp language ?
Given some idea about how i can done that project ?

Pleas , I want help from experience body
I sorry on my enghish , but I hope if was cleared

You are describing about your User Interface design. It can be achieved in any languge (It may be VB.NET or C#.NET ....). i dont know how far you are familiar with the programming language. But C# is a good language for implementing your concepts.

Your major work is to translate other language.

I recommend using HTML + JavaScript. That is exactly what they were designed for.

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