Hi all,
I'm developing a software in vb 6.0 with MS Access as backend. This software requires to save the text files in the table. Now the problem is the text will be formatted (Bold, Underline, it may even have MS Word Tables). I have on the form a RTF component and a adodc connection. When only the text is saved there is no problem. But when there is formatting in tabs, or when there are MS WORD tables the setting does not appear correct in the memo field and the tables don't appear at all.
Then I was suggested to use the OLE. I tried but it does not work either. Can anybody guide me how do I get this thing done?

Any help will be appreciated.

Rajesh Khanna


You need to save RichTextbox's "TextRTF" and then retrieve the same .. So all the fomatting is Intact..


I don't uderstand. HOw do I save it? Can you please be a little elobrative.

Rajesh Khanna


For RichTextBox,
Text property is only the Text shown..
TextRTF is Text along with the RTF Format tags (like HTMl tags)
To retieve the same structure, use TextRTF property..

Can you post your code(Database saving Part) here..?
RS("MyFieldName") = RTB.Text

Change the above line to
RS("MyFieldName") = RTB.TextRTF

and to retrieve text with structure..

RTB.TextRTF = RS("MyFieldName")