Hii there
Can ne tell me how to compile and run a C prog. using microsoft VC++...
Till now i have been using Turbo C++ Compiler...

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Watch the video here

To compile a C program just create an empty console application then add the *.c file(s) to it.

Hiii there...
I have programmed a scientific calculator using C which performs
every single task dat a hi tech calci can perform..

It stores all the calculation dat u performed on the day....

i am using a .txt file to store d calculations
But the problem arises while retriving the data.
To view the data i have to manually open the file..

So can ne one gimme the logic or algo or the codesinppet that
allows me to divide the screen in 2 parts like frames in html.
Left hand side will alow me to perform the calculations and right hand side will simultaneously allow me to view data from the file.....

Ne other suggestions are most welcomed

What you want to do can be done if you have enough knowledge of either c or c++ to develop MS-Windows gui program. If you do it with c++ CLI/Windows Forms, C# or VB your job will be a lot easier than using plain win32 api functions.

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