I have wrote a simple program in c++ that will constantly read a record from a database. Once there is a change in a field the program will open a executable file. An instance of this program or a copy of this program has to run in at least 80 computers. Initially I thought, if I could make all the 80 computers to share some memory in the server where I can store the database then all the instance of the program will have access to the database. But, I was told that 80 computers cannot share the same memory, the server cannot handle so many connections.
All I want is to read a record from a table in the sever database. That too not very often.

I don't know if there are other ways c++ can provide me to get a record from the server database.
I am a novice in network stuff. Please help me.

If it matters,

Server Configuration,
160 GB HDD
Windows 2000 Server
Pentium 4 (3 GHz speed)

LAN Connection speed 100 MBPS

Clients run in XP SP2 or Win2000 SP4. Mostly (Win2000 SP4)

I am using Visual Studio 2005

> that will constantly read a record from a database.
Once a second?
Or maybe once a minute?

Make one (or several, for redundancy) the master which is responsible for reading the DB. When it changes, the master sends out a "UDP Broadcast" packet (or several, for redundancy) which basically says "do it now!".

All the other clients will just be waiting for messages to arrive, and performing the action when the message arrives.

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Yes, once a second.

I did not think of broadcasting. I believe your answer is perfect for my need:)

But, as I said I don't know much about Networking. I will try to broadcast the message. If I am stuck while coding I'll come back here.


Thanks for your help. The project is completed:)
It works fine. I did get stuck when the client had to return a message to the server but google helped me get the answer:)

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