Newbie post. Please be kind.

I am having terrible trouble creating a Audio VU meter user control in VB (Visual Studio 2008), and hoped somebody might be able to help.

I need the simplest type of display - just a label on a user control where the width of the label changes with the input of a specified channel of the sound card

Don't need Left/right (it would be nice, but not crucial)
Don't need green/orange/red color changes as the volume peaks

To be honest, I have already done the interface - just need the code that provides the % of peak audio currently playing in the sound card channel. I understand it needs to be a logarithmic scale, and should average the value over a few millisecs in order not to appear jerky in it's display... but then i get SO stuck.

The destination platform is XP and Vista.

Any help greatly appreciated


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Hello, do you have found already a code to solve this problem?

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