I have a project that i need to do but i am having trouble with the code for a delphi application to auto find all the required files and database files that are required for the application to be able to function properly - meaning that if i move the project to another pc it must find the database files by it self without me needing to direct it to the file? Plz help.

If you mean you have multiple database in yous project, which is working properly on your own pc, not in the other ones, maybe you should change the declared destination for those files in the project code.
for making it more clear, maybe you should ommit the directory root to the file name itself. ie c:\Project1\A.* to A.* itself.
this means a default directory (the current program directory) which is the considered location of alias.
hope it helps.

well, using relative path doesnt always work well. You should use absolute path, i.e ExtractFilePath(application.exename)+'yourdatabase.mdb'

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