Hey Hey everyone :)
I need some serious help with writing this game. Its called Nine Men's Morris! If some one has any idea how to write it, or possibly has the code for it. PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! You will be a life saver!!!!

Thx Lexi

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What have you tried so far? What errors are you running into? What are the rules of said game?

I have drawn the board and the 18 circles in diff colours...
I do not really know how to select a circle and move to an empty space on the board...

the strategy is to get 3 pieces in a row, which allows you to remove one of your apponents pieces. The game is played untill one of the players is left with 3 pieces or has no leagal moves...

I suggest that you modularize your code. Come up with some kind of structure that will detail player positions.

Then come up with a function to print the game board, which takes the player position structure as input. Then you'll need a 'movement' function, which will check two other functions for checking whether a move is valid or not, as well as winning conditions.

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