I want to download MSDN for VB 6.0, From where can I?
Engineer Jokhio Salahuddin Kohistani,
Bachelor Of Engineering 2nd Year 4th term
Department of Computer Systems & Software Engineering
Institute of information & Communication Technologies
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh

Hi there,
That is a great big download you are asking about. It comes on two CDs.

If you are asking where can you get it legally then I would suggest EBay. I have seen it up there a couple of times and it sold for around $20 Australian dollars.

I don't think there is any other legal route to get it.

For instance, if you go here ....

you will find a complete Visual Studio kit, including MSDN for 40 british pounds. If that is not good for you keep searching on EBay and you may find it cheaper.

I hope this helps,

Gary O'Connor

Your question has no sense.
MSDN is not "for VB"
Just use MSDN on-line or download old versions on P2P.

Why you still need to sue VB 6.0 ?

It is better to use MSDN on-line.