I need help to make a Access user system.

I'm very new to VB and am trying to make a system that allows a number of users to register and have individual username names with specfic passwords.

I've never done this before so any help will be greatly apperciated, even if its just a point in the right direction.

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you are not so clear on what you realy want...

but.. if you are realy new to VB....

i think you should start to familiarized the different objects on VB...

in the program you wanted to make...

familiarized textbox, command buttons, datacontrols....

and you should know about thier properties such as database name, record source, data field...

you should have already made your own database...

hope this reply helps.....



For creating a registration form and keep track their information u need to use database...

Design your form with required Controls(Textboxes, Labelbox, Command buttopn) depends on the user information you need,

Creata an database with the desired fields that matches with the information you receiving in the form.

for a beginner i suggest you to try it with MS Access(Create a database in MSAccess, Create table with required fields),

There are several objects to handle database connections, i suggest you to DAO

Add DAO refernce to your project

make a connection with the DB with DAO object
create recordset
Do oprations like


The above furnished is smply algorithm only,

for code help, mesage me

With regards
Venkatramasamy SN

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