I am new here looking for some advice. I belong to a programming group that intends to simulate hearing loss via software that we are creating. At the moment, we are looking to see how are we able to obtain sound from sound cards. What we intend to do is have a generic player (like windows media player) playing the any form of sound file and our program running concurrently taking the player's output, modify it and then put it back through the soundcard again.

We are looking to use C++. However, we are inexperienced in it. I have been looking at winAPIs (playSound(), etc) to see how to obtain the sound, but its been a slow progress. Any pointers will be good, thanks =)

Re: Advice on hearing loss simulation using C++ 80 80

Look at this code snippet here on DaniWeb:

"Play a MIDI voice (Dev C++ console program)"


This one has a possible volume setting. Experiment with the sound effects best for your project.

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