Hello there, I've been messing around with System.Web.Mail these days and I was able to create an application that could send a mail using smtp. My problem here is, Idk how to connect my application to an exchange server and I don't have any server yet. I'm kinda noob in c# and .net. Any advice on what to do with the server? I'm kinda lost. Thanks

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If your exchange server supports SMTP mail connections (which most likely it will) you would just change your app to point to your exchange server

Thanks for the reply LizR, I'm going to use the MS Exchange Server, how would I connect it to my application? Thanks again!

You said your app was working, when the exchange server is made just change the destination of the smtp mails you send to be to the exchange server

It works but I cant send a message. My exception handling alerts me that the sending failed.

Oh. well in the sending function where you point it at a server, you'd point it at your exchange server.

Btw, I changed my code and it now uses System.Net.Mail since System.Web.Mail is now obsolete to the .Net's above 1.1 versions. I did point it to the server.

SmtpClient varClient = new SmtpClient("server");

Found out how to connect it. :)

Hello Murderico

Could you tell how you did that?



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