are cpu's directly hardwired to no ascii and If i wrote my own Operating system does the cpu have a built in function that allows me to tell it an ascii number and it will draw it using a default font to the screen without windows help or anything?.

No - CPUs know nothing about ASCII.
Nor do CPU's have "built-in" functions for anything, unless you count "multiply" as a built-in function.
Nor are they capable of "drawing" anything.
Neither do operating systems.

ok so is there a specific set of memory where if data is place it will be displayed on a computer monitor, such as video memory or something? so If i wanted to draw to a specific pixel I would address specific memory in a certain way?, is that how it works.

If you're talking about something like VGA, yes.
There's a block of memory which more or less equates to pixels on screen.

is that the best way to do it? I mean whats the way you would go about doing it if you were making your own mini OS.