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sorry for the bad English, I am a beginner programmer but yet task to develop a payroll program for a company with 350 employees. The payroll program that I will going to make is separate from the time in and out program the company have. The Time in and out program produce the DTR, Employee masterlist and the raw data of in/out all this database is in access table form. Here is my problem and i hope you guys will help me. Is there a way that I can combine 2 or 3 mdb table and the result will be save in a new mdb table to be called payroll table?Then is there a way or vb6 code that i can compute the payroll of 350 employees in just a single command button? for example when i click "Generate Payroll" it automatically compute the payroll and attendance of the employees. I know my question is so hard by I need a sample code so that I can have a code to study and start with.

here is my email address if there's willing to lend a hand.. Thank you so much to all and god bless us all.


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you need to create views based on access tables.

you need to create views based on access tables.

how can i create views on access tables? can you please give me an example? then how about the generation of payroll for 350 employees? can you give or site an example? thank you so much

I think you should make first an Algo on how to compute an employees payroll. If you have an algo you sure can make a functions that will compute the employees record. If the records of an employee comes from different databases then open them all and then put them in one table if its possible then on that way its easy to manipulate the data...

Note: Make a function that will compute the employees record.

Can anyone tel me where to microsoft vb 6.o. iI couldn find it in the miocrosoft.com.pls suggest anyother sites.

Seems your problem now is not about payroll, it's about VB6.0, right? Please stick to what you have posted so that we can solved your problem.

Hello guys, can you help to solve my problem? I know that my problem is very complicated, creating a payroll system is very hard and need a lot of study. I hope someone from you guys can provide me a sample program in vb6 that can compute or generate payroll for at least 10 employees.

for example
using the DTPicker 1 and DTPicker 2 i will going to select October 11 to October 25 and then i will going to click the command button "Process Payroll" and it automatically generate the payroll of my employees. I hope and pray really hard that someone will going to help me on this problem... Thank you so much guys

Hi...If u got that payroll can u plz send it over..I"m kind of doing a project as well..and it would help so much.

what is pay roll system?

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To answer your question. A pay roll or payroll system is a system that calculates how much a person is to get paid depending upon either their salary or hours worked multiplied by hourly pay rate. Then that would be the gross pay. From there, the system would then deduct those pre tax payouts and apply taxes upon the remaining amount and then deduct those taxes leaving the net pay. From there the system would deduct any other withholdings and this would leave the system for how much is to be transfered into or for how much the payroll check is to be.

Good Luck

plz help me to create a payroll using visual basic..badly need it for our programming subject..plz..tnx!!

I need your help. You can help me on how to make my Project in Visual Basic 6.0.
Its payrool System. Can you give an idea... Thanks
Please reply me now

Can anyone tel me where to microsoft vb 6.o. iI couldn find it in the miocrosoft.com.pls suggest anyother sites.

If u can give me a site that allows me top upload 300MB file size at once, i can upload the installer for you.

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