just a few questions, no long code this time, might help me get an answer :) .
(im using borland C++ builder 2006)

1. hot to open up the default browser from the form main menu? at a pre-determined url

                          WEBSITE << what code goes behind this?

2. making a form template? how do i make a form template, same size, menus, icons etc. i seem to get linker errors, being as saving a form as template the coding behind its still form 1, etcetc?

3. how do i close 1 form as i open another? rather than exit(0) which will close programme i want to close form after i click a button to open the next from.

Form2->ShowModal();   //show next form
         //code for here to close this form (form1) like a exit(0) but just for this 1?