If anyone can answer my question on PFO I'd apprecaite an answer. I don't want to repeat it here because it is somewhat lengthy.

Well as a guess, a name like "_mysql_get_client_info@0" suggests it is being decorated as a C++ symbol, whereas the equivalent in the library is very much a C symbol.

It seems to me you're compiling C++ and linking with a C library.

> Dump of file libmysql.lib
Is there a libmysql++.lib there as well?

I think you are using a 32-bit toolset (VS Express) and trying to link with the 64-bit version of libmysql.lib.
The 32-bit version of libmysql.lib comes with those missing symbols, what you have is the 64-bit library.

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Thanks for all your help. I had to uninstall the 64-bit version of MySQL and install the 32-bit version because VC++ 2008 Express is not a 64-bit compiler. I suppose I could get a different compiler, but why ???