Hello, is there any other site that is dedicated on python exercises from standard Library to external? I plan to start doing exercise to measure my muscles in python and enrich my understanding! I have seen here some exercises which I'll do them (on stickies)

Thanks all

Get one of the many Python Learning Books they usually have plenty of exercises.

Have you tried the python challenge?
It is a bit obscure sometimes yet a lot of fun and can really test how efficient your code can be.

I hitted the wall at very first time! The very fisrt challenge challenged me, I failed to change URL :)

Oh its good. Actually i was wondering, do you rekon anyone from here has finished it?

Yeah i did it a while ago and i remember getting to level 10

Great List of tutorials, I'll get in.
I still need great challenges like exercises!

There are some fun python challenges in the site that I develop: