Hello, is there any other site that is dedicated on python exercises from standard Library to external? I plan to start doing exercise to measure my muscles in python and enrich my understanding! I have seen here some exercises which I'll do them (on stickies)

Thanks all

Have you tried the python challenge?
It is a bit obscure sometimes yet a lot of fun and can really test how efficient your code can be.

I hitted the wall at very first time! The very fisrt challenge challenged me, I failed to change URL :)

The python.org website has a beginners guide that includes links to tutorials and introductory books. http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide

Thanks alot.
The problem is, I'm searching for exercises and challenges

I now read Think Python by Downey, and I need help on how to install swampy

I've tried googling but it seems not very famous. Does anyone knows how to install it??
Thanks alot

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