Hi everyone,

I'm a new programmer working on my first project. I am working on a program that I have migrated from dBase (1980's) into Access and Visual Basic .NET (2008). The program user conducts these Income Surveys in various towns in the region and enters various information from the surveys into this program.

The challenge I am facing is that the dBase program had a function that created a whole new dBase file for each town. This file is then edited as needed. This translates to a separate table in my database for each new town entered. Luckily, there are a limited number of towns remaining to be entered, however, I've got to write the code on a command button to create a new table and pull up the data entry form. This is the most challenging functionality of the program, thank God.

Being a newbie, I am looking for some advice, insight and coding examples to help direct me to get this done. Any input from you guys will be greatly appreciated!


First you have to create a new table to your Access DB. You'll find the SQL syntax and samples with a little googling. I think that the w3schools.com has the simplest examples. And you do know the table's field names and types by looking existing tables.

After successfully creating a new table show that data entry form. I assumed you already had that. Just be careful, not trying try re-create that table if this whole thing is behind a single button and there's a possibility to press that button twice.