Dear All,

I have just started learning c#. Though i am working in electronic publising (ebook and page composition for several years) i am looking programming to be a very helpful for my professional carrier.

I my first assignment i have to develop a c# program to access records from two separate excel sheets.

One excel sheet have isbn nos. to be matched with other excel sheet ISBN nos. if found then its corresponding records to be genereated in a report.

I would like to seek help to develop this program. I have successfully access records from one excel sheets but how to get it from two excel sheet. help me.


if you are able to get records from one, why are you having trouble with the other?

post your code as well, so we can help

The same question is on the thread :
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How many of these same questions are you going to ask?
I talked to the surgeon who gave me a new kidney a few months ago that he performed a miracle of some sort. He said to me : "Hey man that's my job, nothing special about it!"
So, why do you think ebook and page composition is so special?

Imw ith the others if you can read one, you should be able to read the other. What stops you, What code do you have and what is the problem you have with it..