Hello Friends,

I'm facing a problem now that is i have some THAI language data in SQL Server 2000. The problem i don't know how to retrieve this data to variable and i don't noe the variable should be what data type? such as string or others?

Have any one help me to solve this question?

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how you stired thai language is sql server ?

I just copy and paste those Thai Characters in the SQL server 2000 used by Enterprise Manager. But now i confuse is it no way to use Thai character in the Vb6.0? due to i do some research about this areas; some articles said that vb 6.0 is not support unicode. so what should i do if i want to put this Thai character into string or other type retrieve from SQl server even though when i use SELECT command in the sql server 2000 to retrieve this data in the Enterprise Manager. The reason why i must put the thai character into any variable because of i need to use content which exists Thai character to send email used by outlook in my coding.

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