I need a little help, i want to buy a book abou C#, so if anybody has some prepositions it would be very helpful for me. I saw C# bible, and some other books, wht do you think which one is best? I know a litle bit of programing in JAVA, so i need something from a begining.

Here is one book I would not recommend:
"C# How To Program" by Deitel

I wasted $85 on this thing. It is uninformative and the index is written by a 4 year old!

i've as reference for C#:
" C# how to program " Deitel ( Prentice Hall )
it' excellent as it can be considered as a Student Edition !!
However it's also used as a reference (proffes. edition)
Also it has a good price
u will like it

do I have any prepostions? sure. at, with, by, on, over, under....

sorry, couldn't help myself ;)

The book of "Inside C#" Second Edition, paperback Tom Archer

You can get this at Amazon for $33 or half.com for $28. Search using isbn of 0735616485 for 2002 2nd edition. The first edition which is from 2001 is $6. isbn 0735612889.
(The initial search must by for a book then you will have the option to search via isbn.)


You can follow the book "C# and .Net Platform" by Andrew Troelson. The book is good for learning concepts. But examples are not so good.


i'd advice books from the O'Reilly series.

if you have some experience programming, i'd buy:

Programming C#
Jesse Liberty, O'Reilly Media, 2005

if you still need introductions on subjects like .NET, inheritance, polymorfism, interfaces or arrays, i'd definitely advice:

Learning C#, 2nd Edition
Jesse Liberty & Brian MacDonald, O'Reilly Media 2006

hope this helped and good luck on your quest

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