I have designed a program in VB 6, and the problem I need help on is whenever I log off and log back on, all of the windows in my program are blank.
How do I refresh them?

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I have a parent window with 6 buttons, a textbox and a picture.
When I run my program, log off and then log back on, all I see is an outline of a window, minus the textbox, buttons and picture. I am wondering if I am missing some coding to refresh the window.


Is this an issue when they refer to a 'memory leak'?

I am also assuming that you mean 'log off the program' and not logging off the OS. Again, assuming, if you reboot your system - the program works normally?


There might be some problem with your system. Try the same on another system.

After googling, I found out that I needed some DoEvents in my coding. Since I didn`t have a single one, it caused my program to crash whenever I clicked the mouse button or pressed a key.
Now it works great. But now I have another problem...
On the main window I have a button, and when it is clicked it shows a form with a textbox(which displays the progress of the steps) does a huge amount of calculating, closes the form and opens another one and does some more (huge amount) of mathematical calculations. The problem is that it freezes half way through the steps of the second window. If they are run separately, they are fine. But run one after another it ends up freezing.
Am I missing something, or should I just make the steps of the second window pause while it loads the coding. and then run it?

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