Hi guys im new to programing, i never programed before but with alot of work and dedication im doing in visual basic 2008 express edition a litle program for a family company that i work with.

Is not a comercial program is just a program to have some management on the number of house insurances that me make.

Lets see if i can explain what im trying to do.

I have a data base and inside that data base i have 2 collums one called “Stores” with the following data:


and the other collum is called “Houses” that got the following data:


What i was trying to do is: the first combobox is connected with the collum called “Stores” and it will show all the available postal codes that there is the data base (theres not 2 stores on the same postal code so there is no double postal codes), and when i select one postal code the second combobox will show all the names of the houses that got the same postal code that i selected in the first combobox.

And then on a second phase when i select a house name from the second combobox it will appear all the information from that house that is available on the data base (house_code, house_name, house_adress, house_postalcode, insurance_apolice, insurance_company)

I tried to look for information about this case but i cant find, so im asking you guys help in telling me the steps and code to do what im trying to do.

(I dont know if im making myself clear, im portuguese so english is not my first language, if i didnt make myself clear please tell me so, and i will try to explain my problem in another way)

Thanks alot!!!


I am also a new to this forum and also a new to VB. Just in learning stage. Hope this forum will help me to learn Visual Basic.


damn you are mean, i thought i would get some help and then i seen your post -.-

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