Dus anyone kno a good 32 bit c++ compiler for free on the internet

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yes, several in fact.

and in case you want some more specifics...

drums rolling

bugles calling

Both Borland and Microsoft have released free compilers for 32 bit Windows.
Furthermore if you use Linux or any other Unix variant you most likely have a compiler already installed.

I really like Dev-C++, the help file sucks however. There are a number of very helpful sites that cater to questions on Dev-C++. For the language itself, I am using Borland's helpfile instead. Microsoft, Borland 5.5 and Dev-C++ are free on the net. The nice thing about Dev-C++ is that it doesn't take over your computer. Microsoft chews up diskspace in a real hurry with tons of extra files!!




There is also a Linux version of Dev-C++ out there since it uses GCC/G++ as compilers.

the main extra stuff the free MSVC compiler installs is an updated .NET runtime environment if that's not already installed.
The first program you'd create using the compiler would need that anyhow (unless you specify to not compile for .NET) and anything compiled with VS .NET 2003 will also need it.

DevC++ also can compile DirectX 9 applications and OpenGL with ease....

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