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Does anyone know, or have a link to an article, that would tell me how to distibute a .net MONO application? The full package of Mono is like 75 MB but I know al lot of that is the compiler and libraries that I don't need.

I just want the minimum runtime files.

What files would I need to distribute for a simple 'Hello World' winforms app?


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That IS the runtime i think

The runtime for microsofts .NET 3.5 is 250mb+

Well, the download itself contains the runtime and the compiler and tools and such. There are vague instructions on the mono web site about it at
But its not really a tutorial or anything. I'm looking for a
include file1.*, file2.* in your apps directory. They say the smallest install is 3.7MB but don;t give the files for the JIT.

I figured someone has done this before since its one of the advantages of the Mono project, I'm just not familiar enough to do it.

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flagged as spam? Does that mean my question is spam? I hope not.

Anyway, I've been playing with it a bit and heres what I came up with for the minimum files.

I created a directory for my app. In that directory I created two more directories


in the \mono\lib\mono\2.0 I put the mscorlib.dll file
in the \bin directory I put the following

MyApp.exe (this is the basic Hello World I did in VS2005)

Then, from the \bin directory I ran 'mono MyApp.exe' and it worked!

Basically I just started deleting files until it stopped working and then I would put the file back and continue.

This brought the total distribution down to 11 MB and zipped up it was under 5MB with no need to install the .NET Framework.

Anyway, hope this helps someone else trying to do the same thing.

flagged as spam? Does that mean my question is spam? I hope not.

no some spam got posted, it has since been deleted.

Thanks for posting your solution.

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