Hi ,

I am working with MFC SDI application,
when i open any project [ SDI ] default icon gets loaded
[ ie MFC icon ] , i am not able to change it , even i tried
modifying the icon file, only the ABOUTDialog box icon changes,
at all the other places , the icons ie (ex: tool bar ) still show's default MFC ICON.Pls help. i might be doing something wrong :(

Thanks in advance

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There are two images in the icon resource, you either have to modify both of them or simply delete one image.

Actuall i got the solution, there is only one image icon for any project what mistake i did was to just modify only 48 * 48 SIZE image , now i modiffied all the images its working fine.

how did i do it :

1) click on the image
2) go to the image menu
3) Current Icon Image types
Here different sizes of images are present
modify all of them tats it :). There will only be one icon
(.ico) file for one project ( i mean the images which is used for tool bar, exe etc )

Uh-oh, seems that I managed to post highly out-dated information, sorry about that one. (There used to be 2 images in a single icon resource, but nowadays there are many more).

Good job that you had it working though.

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