Hai! I am Sugumar. I am currently doing my II year B.Sc with computer science major. Now i have to do projects for some companies which were approached by our team consists 7 members. I need ur suggestion to make projects.

The first project's name is Diary builder. It show error while adding my records to recordset as 'CLAUSE' error.Please reply me to solve this problem.Thank U...

You can do n number of project like
Hospital management
Shop Inventory
School Management
Internet cafe management
etc etc
But i suggest you go for system level programs
like Remote desktop viewing,IDS like that

use tax calculator

i want to make any project base on dbms

hi my name is bharathi.studying btech.i want to do a simple minproject on applications of c.as am a fresher plz suggest me witha a simple n best project.thnak you

am nisha..
currently am doin mi b.tech 3rd year IT...
I want 2 do a mini project in my department....
So would any1 pls suggest me a topics to 2 a best one...
if u hav any project ideas pls suggest me...
pls help me dudes....
Thank uuuu....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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