hey everyone im making an gui in C++ which needs to retrieve windows registrys such as windows version etc. however im stuck on some code i was hoping for some help please.

void GetSystemInformation(void)
	float fprocessor;
	HKEY hKey;
	DWORD processorspeed;
	DWORD datasize;

	RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,"Hardware\\Description\\System\\CentralProcessor\\0",0, KEY_QUERY_VALUE,&hKey);


	if (fprocessor>1000)
	 sprintf(processorspeed,"%3.1f Ghz",fprocessor/1000);
     sprintf(processorspeed,"%3.1f Mhz",fprocessor);

that is my function however i get a error which is error C2664: 'sprintf' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'DWORD' to 'char *' i cant find what the problem is cause the teacher said sprintf should get it to work and now i cant get in touch with my teacher so all help will be much apperciated. also if anyone knows a site which will help me get more sample code for any registry calls such as windows version,computer name etc can you please let me know thanks

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sprintf expects a char* as the first parameter; it is where it will store the output, as a string of characters.

I don't know what you actually want to do, but if you want to see that it's working, try the following lines (instead of the sprintf lines above):

if (fprocessor>1000)
	 printf("%3.1f Ghz",fprocessor/1000);
     printf("%3.1f Mhz",fprocessor);

This will print the info to the console. If you wanted to return the string from the function, you would have to change the function return type, or parameter list.

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