it's a toshiba portege 3440, pentium III, 192mb ram, 6gb hdd.

second user bought without o/s. for some reason whenever it is asked to load windows NT it hangs. so you can run the MS-DOS part of setup - then it reboots and hangs.

you can run windows 98 setup fine. boot from an MS-DOS boot disc - I have even installed linux although I didn't get round to installing x-windows. I even took the harddisc out and threw it into a thinkpad I have lying around - it booted straight into windows xp second stage of installation.

i tried a minimal xp bootdisc with ntldr etc on it and a boot.ini running off a floppy and again it just hung.

i'm at my wits end. come on daniweb forums - impress me with some insights. :cry: :cheesy:

Have you tried updating to the latest BIOS release? A couple of the updates addressed 'hang' issues' in Win2k.