Hi, I wanted to issue a select query with where clause.

I used sql parameter in my sql query, but how do i pass the value to that parameter at run time.



Try This :

Open a Data Project
Add a Connection Object (Configure to your database)
Add A Command Object (Say Command1) And Right-Click
Goto properties and Select Option SQL Statement and Type :
Select * From MyTable Where MyDate Between ? And ?
Click on Apply,
Parameter Tab Is Enabled, Go there..
Set these properties for both Parameters:
DataType = adDBDate
HostDataType =Date (VT_Date)
And Apply,
Save the Project
Now Design the DataReport1 on this Command Object...

In The Calling Form, Place 2 Date Pickers say DTFr and DTTo

Place Command Button And Show the Report like this :

Load DataEnvironment1
      With DataEnvironment1
      If .rsCommand1.State <> 0 Then .rsCommand1.Close
      .Command1 Format(DTFr.Value,"dd-mm-yyyy"), Format(DTTo.Value,"dd-mm-yyyy")
      End With